When change becomes an opportunity

The kitchen and furniture market is increasingly driven by the customer’s desire for individual products and, at the same time, by a growing price sensitivity. In addition, the structure of associations dominating in Europe is challenged by direct sales of furniture on the internet. Particularly, the Asian market is currently becoming a lead market due to the increasing production capacities and investments in innovative concepts and technologies.

In short: The kitchen and furniture industry is changing. But how can a manufacturer face up to these market requirements and this level of competitive pressure?

To meet their end customer’s desire for more flexibility, the furniture industry is forced to be continuously streamlining. Specific reduction targets are set, primarily in terms of:

  • Locked-up capital in storage

  • Lead time from incoming order to delivery

  • Handling and order picking expenditure

  • Material input

The focus is always on lean and flexible business and production processes and their continuous improvement. As an external consultant, SCHULER Consulting is your skilled partner with comprehensive expertise in the crucial international markets, such as Asia and Europe.

With consulting solutions, such as Lean Production, Industry 4.0 or Technical Product Standardization, and by helping to shape the change in corporate culture, SCHULER is optimally placed to support their clients from the wood-working industry. Their range of services comprises much more than production-based optimization:

“SCHULER did much more than hang up a few pictures. They helped us to anchor the KAIZEN principle in our employees’ minds. All of this only makes sense if it is also sustainable. And it is only sustainable if it reaches our staff members.” – Manuel Stecher, Schweitzer Project AG

At the end of the strategic cooperation, the client is equipped with lean processes, sustainable system solutions, technologically and intralogistically optimized production and enthusiastic employees.

“Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, lean management strategies and the commitment of SCHULER Consulting’s engineers, we succeeded in making the leap to Lean Industry 4.0 much more easily than expected.” – Nelson Lagos, XILOFOR

For further information, please visit www.schuler-consulting.com or write to us at info@schuler-consulting.com.

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