Ideas for the industry

"With SCHULER, we have entered the world of Industry 4.0. We can now supply and control our highly automated plant with data from production planning to final assembly."

Joaquim Teixera, J&J Teixera (Spain)

Digital instead of radical

What do you have to do to switch to Industry 4.0? First of all: nothing. Because before anything is changed, a comprehensive analysis is necessary. Far too often, standalone systems that are touted as optimal can only be integrated into the prevailing system landscape to a limited extent. If you have a limited budget at your disposal, you should consider carefully whether you want to tie it up for years and thus reduce your flexibility. Because an integrated Industry 4.0 production that really uses all the advantages requires a comprehensive system analysis of the existing IT landscape. Often, not all systems that are already in use need to be replaced immediately. At the same time, not all systems that are considered future-proof have the necessary capabilities. Therefore, use our knowledge to achieve your goals for the automation and digitalisation of your company.

Do you know what your goals are with regard to Industry 4.0?

If not, we should sit down together, develop a strategy and consider how we can successfully implement it for your company. In doing so, we take into account your company's level of digitalisation, include all available data and, if necessary, propose software solutions, including necessary interfaces, of course.