In our webinars, our experts from SCHULER Consulting provide you with sound basic knowledge. You get insights into interesting applications and projects that have already been completed.

Automated guided vehicle in intralogistics

Driverless transport system TRANSBOT Basic — automation from a new perspective

New potential for your production

In times of networked automation and in the course of the constantly increasing demand for flexible manufacturing concepts, intralogistics is also increasingly coming into focus. How can skilled workers be freed from non-value-adding activities? And how can fully automated machine linking and alternative production methods be reconciled? The progressive development in the field of driverless transport systems has opened up far-reaching potential in this area. In this webinar we will not only provide you with a sound basic knowledge on the subject, but also provide insights into already realized automated guided vehicle plans in addition to interesting application cases. A case study will also be used as an example to compare the rigid with the flexible linkage in terms of costs and benefits.

  • Comprehensive basic knowledge
  • Theoretical and practical applications
  • Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of AGVs
  • Important information for AGV planning
  • Application possibilities for different requirements and company sizes
  • Examples from current planning projects
  • Cost-benefit comparison

Duration: 1,5 hours

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Lean 4.0

Lean 4.0

Optimization and simplification of production processes and procedures

You all know it! Complex projects for the digitization of individual processes or complete process landscapes. There are enough examples of resource-consuming and lengthy implementations in the digital mapping of business processes. Perhaps you too think that this should be easier. In this webinar SCHULER Consulting will present you new approaches to simplified process digitization for a wide range of business areas. The benefits, challenges and approaches of process digitization will be highlighted. SCHULER Consulting will show you innovative ways to digitally map and continuously optimize your manufacturing processes in a resource-saving manner - day after day.

  • Demonstration of possibilities for simplified process digitization
  • Example applications from the practice
  • Identification of numerous digital optimization potentials
  • Diverse application examples for different company sizes and manufacturing philosophies
  • Possible solutions / new approaches for deadlocked IT projects 

Duration: 1,5 hours

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Process optimisation

Systematic optimization of production processes

In recent years, the continuous improvement of production processes has become a constant companion for successful companies. Those who do not constantly adapt processes to new customer and market requirements and develop further, lose track. On the other hand, it is also important to profit from innovations that help the company to achieve leaps and bounds in productivity and flexibility. Perhaps you have the feeling that you are just losing the connection or want to build up more pressure to innovate in your company again, we can support you in this. We combine a sustainable continuous improvement process based on lean thinking with innovative technology. In this webinar we will provide you with the basics of the well-proven approach to optimization as well as a sustainable innovative approach to continuous improvement and tracking of the optimization. Optimizations in all areas become measurable and can be applied in a more specific way.

  • Comprehensive basic knowledge of the approach to process optimization
  • Theoretical and practical applications
  • Prerequisites for sustainable continuous improvement
  • Innovative solutions for production transparency and controlling
  • 100% production transparency in your company without large software investments
  • Optimization projects are defined and executed based on key figures and the results are controlled
  • Connection between Smart-Factory and Lean-Thinking

Duration: 1,5 hours


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