Lean Production

Optimization and simplification of production processes and procedures

Usually, optimization measures in manufacturing companies focus on machinery and equipment. Processes and operational procedures are often neglected in the process. However, they often hold the greatest potential for optimization. Our "Lean Production" consulting service has been designed to simplify your processes and procedures by applying targeted measures, in order to be able to produce efficiently while saving resources. Together we select the appropriate principles and tools. Our comprehensive portfolio includes, among other things, CIP, kanban, just-in-time, 5S and one-piece flow. The sustainable implementation of these tools is very important for us. For this reason, we train the management and workforce of your company in multi-stage workshops. This ensures the optimum integration of these tools and principles. "Lean Production" is applied, among others, at machine level, in workplaces and at assembly stations, for work preparation and management, as well as at the interfaces between company-internal units.


  • Measurable productivity increases
  • Professional facilitation and support during the entire optimization process
  • Motivated employees who enjoy their work and the processes they are responsible for
  • Increased acceptance of change processes by cooperating with all employees
  • Short implementation times, direct implementation and immediate resource savings
  • Cost savings in production

  • Identifying optimization potential

  • Reducing non value-added and redundant activities

  • Supporting the setup of lean organization

  • Multi-stage training of all employees on the tools and principles of lean production