Strategic Production Development

Factory planning - Meeting market requirements

The requirements of the market for modern, efficient production have continuously increased over the past few years. Continuously new materials and processes are required in a variety of forms. Within strategic production development, we lay the foundation for a holistic consideration of company-specific conditions. Subsequently, we draft a conceptual plan on the basis of this analysis and an assessment of the current situation. This is aligned with the optimum future organization and production. The result: a well-founded plan for the further development of your production company. Minimizing costs always takes priority and you can safely invest in the future.


  • Strategic direction for future developments
  • Short-term and future investments based on a well-founded overall concept
  • Efficient and economic direction for the future
  • Planning security and targeted approach through detailed planning, capacity calculations and machine lists

  • Strategic direction of the business development goals

  • Efficient use of existing or new buildings

  • Optimum material flows based on volume flow analysis

  • Coordination of capacities for all processes

  • Future production concepts: order-specific, without reference to the production order or a combination of both?

  • Selection of optimum technologies on the basis of products, quantities, productions concepts and batch sizes

  • Definition of manufacturing organization, information flows and software to optimally support the processes

  • Holistic profitability analysis of the production concept and applied technologies

  • Target agreement regarding sales, products, variations, optimization and cost targets

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