2012/07/20   |   Germany

Production Optimization with 3D Visualization

The German Company Schäfer Trennwandsysteme GmbH optimized their material flow and production processes with the help of SCHULER Consulting’s 3D visualization.

The three-dimensional visualization not only gives the viewer a feeling for the spatial conditions, but also presents the details of logistics, means of transport and workplaces.

Jochen Paul, Consultant at SCHULER Consulting.

Planning with a Virtual Touch

Schäfer Trennwandsysteme GmbH manufactures partition systems, cabin systems, lockers and washbasin systems on an area of ​​6,000 m² (64,583 ft²). The company was founded in 1928 by Josef Schäfer in the beautiful Westerwald (literally translated 'Western forest') region. Schäfer Trennwandsysteme GmbH is a family run company currently managed by Martin Schäfer and Arno Gärtner, the third generation of Schäfer. As the production volumes at Schäfer have steadily increased over the years, an expansion of the production hall was urgently required. With this in mind, Martin Schäfer seized the opportunity to rethink production and logistic processes.

In their search for a partner to best support the expansion and optimization project, Schäfer chose SCHULER Consulting GmbH:"We have already come to know SCHULER as a competent partner for production planning in earlier projects, therefore it was obvious to us when designing our extension, to draw on the experience and expertise of the SCHULER experts."

With the help of SCHULER Consulting, the logistics and production processes were carefully analyzed and a new concept for internal transport was developed. From the start, (material preparation on the panel saw) to the end (the loading of the finished products) of the production processes, the handling of the material has been simplified dramatically. In addition, a material flow mapping improved the layout according to the process sequences of the various product groups and defined interfaces between the production steps.

The innovative three-dimensional presentation allows a multi-layered representation of the planning details. "The three-dimensional visualization not only gives the viewer a feeling for the spatial conditions, but also presents the logistics details, means of transport and workplaces.The optimization measures became visible and traceable for the employees, "explains Jochen Paul, Consultant at SCHULER Consulting.

The project was completed with a virtual tour of the factory (project completion, September to November last year). In a six-minute film, the Schäfer employees had the opportunity to look at their new jobs and the new optimized production. The managing directors Schäfer and Grätner are pleased with the improved processes and the planning reliability of the company:


"The planning results have made all those involved more than enthusiastic and provided decisive input for our production expansion."


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