A head start into timber construction

5 typical optimization potentials for a more efficient and leaner production.

Why do timber construction companies need to produce more efficiently and leanly? And how can they gain an edge over the competition through targeted optimisation?

Commentary by Michael Postulart, Senior Consultant SCHULER Consulting

The industrialisation of the timber construction industry has begun and brings with it its challenges. While some companies have been manufacturing in flow production for many years, with standardised products and processes, the majority of timber construction companies are handicraft businesses. The annually increasing demand for affordable, sustainable and climate-friendly produced housing shows: The transformation of this segment from a craft-based sector to a timber construction industry is essential. In order to produce larger quantities economically and efficiently, companies have to change. This is the only way to make private housing as well as the construction of public buildings affordable and thus a real alternative to the classic construction method with lots of cement and bricks.

Many timber construction companies share a major concern with regard to the upcoming change: "Where do you start?" Behind this are the questions: what does efficient production look like? And what does "more efficient" mean in this context? At LIGNA Stage 2023 we will report on five typical optimisation potentials that lie dormant in many timber construction companies and provide initial impetus for understanding and targeting these potentials. Take a look here! 

Would you like to find out what potential your company has? Benefit from our experience!


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