Material flow simulation

Proof of concept through material flow simulation

To minimise the risk when investing in complex machines or production lines, a material flow simulation provides helpful information. A simulation can be used to test a variety of parameters that influence the performance of a production line - such as the manufacturing of a range of products in different batch sizes or the use of various machines in the overall plant. It is crucial that the simulation works with real order data and thus represents a realistic image of the production.


  • Determine plant performance based on a defined product mix
  • Determine the utilization of individual cells (using different options and parameters)
  • Experiment - What if …?! Change buffer capacity, change configuration of individual cells, vary logic and production routes

Following areas can be simulated

  • Material / work piece infeed / de-stacking
    Manual loading, gantries, storage, hedgehog, robot
  • Transport
    Roller conveyor, belts, rockers, angle transfers
  • Cutting area
    Panel saw, angular panel saw, panel saw with a robot
  • Buffer
    Chain lift accumulator, decoupling accumulator
  • Edge banding area
    1-2-4 machine set, various parts circulation, aggregates
  • Sorting
    Robot sorting cell, collating center