Continuous Information Flow

From the office to production

Newly emerging technological possibilities also influence the information flow within different business processes - and reveal great potential for optimization. With the "Continuous Information Flow" consulting service, we help you draft a concept for the optimum use of information flows. On the basis of your business processes and a production analysis, we analyze and assess the current information flow within your company. We will draft a customized strategy to reduce weak points in your information flow and to eliminate redundancies.


  • Optimization of the information flow in the following business processes, among others: winning orders, procurement, design engineering, manufacturing, assembly and shipping
  • Improvement of data quality
  • Reduction of data management costs
  • Easier data administration
  • Definition of the necessary manufacturing and machine data (production lists, cutting data, CNC data, manufacturing and order documents, etc.)
  • Elimination of redundancies and media disruptions
  • Reduction of data interfaces of any kind

  • Analyzing the continuity of information flows from the office to production, i.e. from order intake to shipping

  • Assessing the current situation and identifying optimization potential

  • Creating an ideal organizational concept

  • Creating an IT concept

  • Support in software selection

  • Identifying redundancies