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SCHULER Consulting Team 

Individual consulting solutions for your specific requirements 

Our consultants are fully familiar with the practical demands of the woodworking and furniture industry. They make it their challenge to find and implement optimum consulting solutions for your company by working together with you.

Straegische ProduktionsentwicklungStrategic Production Development
Our structured approach covers all project phases of factory design: From conceptual formulation and analysis of economic efficiency through detailed planning to implementation.
Firmen EKGFirmen EKGCompany ECG
The “company ECG“ provides you an intensive and neutral overview. We disclose existing potential and propose targeted measures
Lean ProduktionLean ProductionLean Production
To optimize production processes including the implementetion in 4 days. That is the goal. The different departments and the office will be optimized and realised immediately by your employees in moderated workshops.
Industrie 4.0Industrie 4.0Industry 4.0
It is the future state-of-the-art and the goal to achieve over the next few years. It is crucial to provide a basis for the right development of your company now. Schuler provides guidance, acts  as your sparring partner, and offers know- how. Schuler makes external resources available that enable your company to take this next step.
Effective ArbeitsplätzeEffiziente Arbeitsplätze
Efficient workplaces
In manual activities a lot of working time is being lost. Together with your employees, we shall implement improvements.
Produktdesign und KonstruktionProduktdesign und KonstruktionProduct design
The competitive situation becomes tighter, to set oneself off from the crowd becomes more important. We shall support you so that your products will be noticed and appreciated.

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