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SCHULER Business Solutions AG, Pfalzgrafenweiler 

 Customized consulting ensures sustainable success 

SCHULER Consulting: To gain a head start

The key to success is by maximizing your opportunities, by selecting appropriate means and by consistently implementing the measures specified. It will be worth the effort to take stock and scrutinize the proven approaches. This makes it possible to identify and exploit potential.

When making your decisions, benefit from the expertise, the creativity and the practical experience of our consulting team. Having completed projects with over 2,000 customers, we are well-acquainted with the worldwide developments in the woodworking and furniture industry. For more than 60 years the scope of our activities is focusing on furniture and component manufacturing. This means that we are familiar with all facets of the market and with the international correlations.

The decisive factor in our consulting services is to ensure that you achieve sustainable improvements and real competitive advantages  – this aim is pursued by our partners and consultants. As experienced woodworking engineers, project managers and business economists, we are deeply involved with the woodworking and furniture industry. Every one committedly introduces his experiences in the projects and proves to be a responsible and reliable partner.


Consulting for all segments of the woodworking sector 

Worldwide, innovative, practical experience


  • Since its foundation in 1956, the company's clear strategic focus has been placed on the specific requirements of the woodworking and furniture industry.
  • We offer solutions for all company sizes.
  • Our customers come from all segments of the woodworking sector.
SCHULER Consulting Team 
Individual solutions


  • It is our aim to develop solutions which will produce the benefits you are hoping for.
  • Through our comprehensive expertise we are able to gain a realistic picture on existing potential in your company.
  • This will provide the basis for concrete solutions which will be precisely tailored to address your plans, products, capacities or other parameters.

Consulting GmbH

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